How to Buy Facebook Event Attendees to Boost Your Event Easily?

 Do you know that over 700 million people use Facebook each month to market their events? 35 million people view a public event on Facebook every single day and you can in fact sell tickets directly on your event post without the user even having to leave Facebook? Seeing that kind of number you might be thinking that in that case reaching people shouldn’t be a problem. If you planning to buy Facebook event attendees then you can read first. 

Well getting grab attention isn’t but if you are really looking to create a buzz, then you need a Facebook event promotion strategy

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Let’s dive in and see what can be done to achieve the results easily and quick. How do Facebook events work?

How to Engage Facebook Event Attendees?

1. Optimise your Event page: Every time someone RVSP’s, Facebook promotes the event further by showing it on their friend’s newsfeed. You need to combine all the good elements in your event page to engage with all the potential conference attendees that visit your page, which could then lead to more ticket sales. First off, you need an instant call-to-action button. Use an attention-grabbing cover image on your event page. The name of the event needs to be catchy. Also add location, description, start/end date and time, and a category to the event.

2.  Launch a Landing Page: An Event Landing Page serves as a one-stop-shop for your visitors to learn more about your event. All your social media promotion needs to drive back traffic to your landing page even after the event has ended. This could be your business page as well. Adding user-generated content and video testimonials from previous year events can help increase conversions. With help of this page, you can actually start early and leave the people wanting more.

3. Co-host your events: If you’re collaborating with someone, add them as a co-host! Your guests whether speakers or musicians will have a network of their own, some of them could well be influencers in their industry. They’ll be able to post in the event and invite more people, giving your event an even greater reach. Having more people at the event means more people will get to hear the awesome stuff they have to share. Ask them to also tweet or share about the event on their social channels.

4. Invest in Content Creation: Before you kick-off your event promotion, you need to ensure you have all the required assets to get more mileage out of your event promotion. Next, create shareable assets like banners and promotional tweets. Then, make these easily available to your speakers or attendees. Sharing pre-event content to excite existing attendees is a great idea because it further engages them, and as you are providing your most excited audience through this will encourage them to share your event with their friends.

Buy Facebook Event Attendees to Hook the Audience Attention

5. Cross-promote across social media: Pick the right social media platforms to promote your event. For e.g., a B2B conference would likely see better results by promoting on Twitter and LinkedIn whereas a music festival will do better on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Post regular updates on social channels. Share promotional content but don’t overdo it. Instead, try to mix it up with other educational material, user-generated content, quotes from your speakers, or behind the scene updates, etc.

Now that you’ve created your event, tagged co-hosts to increase distribution, and shared via your networks, it’s time to ramp things up by purchasing 50 Facebook event attendees. There are agencies that provide you with genuine attendees. All you need to do is create a budget, compare the providers and go for one which seems promising. This method is not only ideal for people who are starting off but also for those who are quite streamlined as the no. of people who RSVP and who actually attend is quite different. If you make sure to follow all the steps you will definitely be a successful host of one heck of an event and spread awareness of your event on Facebook. 


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